Switchboard Upgrade-RCD's (Safety Switches)
Are you still the owner of an old school, fuse board? You know, the ones where you are outside in the middle of the night trying to replace the fuse?[…]
Lighting Solutions
Upgrading your lighting will have a huge impact on the visual appearance of your home as well as well as the functionality of your spaces. Changing over to modern,high efficiency LED products,whether[…]
Home Security - CCTV
Are you sick and tired of hearing about all the home invasions and break-ins these days? You can never be too safe and Bryley can now help you with increasing your home security .[…]
What is Electrical Thermography?
Thermography is the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras to detect faults in your Electrical Distribution System before they compromise your electrical supply. At recommended intervals of 12 months Bryley[…]
Appliance Testing & Tagging and RCD Testing
Testing and tagging of all tools, leads and appliances is not only recommended by Worksafe, it is surely the easiest way to ensure that you and your staff are safe from electrical hazards.[…]

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