Landlord and Rental Electrical Inspections

Government regulations now require all landlords  to have the Electrical Installations at their rented properties inspected on a 2 yearly basis. This is to be certain that all wiring and electrical appliances on the property are operating safely.

Many older rental properties have older style fuse boards, which although legal, can create risks to our safety. It is important to make sure that there is at least a properly functioning earthing system and that all the appliances on the property like electric hot water systems , heaters and dishwashers are safe for the occupying tenants.

Our experienced electricians will conduct all the required tests to make sure that the installation wiring and all the appliances are safe. We will also provide a record of the test results and recommend any repairs or upgrades that are required.

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Bi – Annual Electrical and Smoke Alarm Inspection  $275.00 + GST

Smoke Alarm Inspection only $85.00 + GST

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