It’s cool to save

There’s no doubt that heating and cooling make up a large component of most people’s energy bills. But there are simple ways to save some money and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Some people set their air conditioner to a very low temperature – say 15 degrees – on a very hot day, hoping that it will cool their house more quickly and efficiently. But the reality is, their air conditioner just ends up working incredibly hard and much less efficiently, and it has next to no chance of actually cooling the house down that much anyway.

The ideal setting for your cooling is around 24 degrees on a hot day. At this setting, your air conditioner is not working anywhere near as hard to cool your home, so it’s saving you money and you’re prolonging the life of your system. You’ll find that 24 degrees is more than comfortable on a hot day.

Bryley Electrical can supply and install modern, efficient, split-system air conditioners at very competitive prices. Talk to us about your cooling needs if your current unit is just not cutting it.

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