DIY CCTV ? Is it worth the effort?

There is an abundance of cheap, Do-it-yourself CCTV camera systems available theses days from your local hardware store but are they really worth it ?

At Bryley, we only sell and install , commercial grade camera systems that will work when you need it .

The cheaper systems just don’t cut it ! The above image is taken at night with a quality, commercial grade camera. Depending on the type of camera that you choose, it can be as clear as day. You can see colour as well as great definition.

However, the second image is taken with a cheaper, DIY camera system. This image shows someones pride and joy being stolen at night.

The only thing that you can identify from this picture is that the car is being taken. No facial identification , no clothing colours … you can’t even tell if the culprits are male or female.

This type of image is of no use to police. A CCTV system is for one thing …Evidence ! If you can’t identify the people in the image , you may as well just install a box of cereal on to your house !

Contact us now to discuss a CCTV system that will WORK !

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